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How to Use Google to Compete (and Win!) Against Other Boat Dealers


Beating your competition is an ongoing struggle. It's not easy. It's not cheap. But it's vital. What if we told you that Google can help you dominate your competitors easily? Before you think it's impossible, read the rest of this article to learn the tactics that will put you ahead of your competition. Google can make you the preferred choice of consumers When you appear before your competitors in Google's search results, every time, people will start trusting you more and turning to you as an authority. They'll see you as more competent and better able to serve them. [...]

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How to Attract Boat Buyers to Your Website for FREE


Having a website is not enough anymore. Back in the times, when very few companies had one, you didn't have to do much to have a big ROI on your digital marketing campaigns. Today, it's a lot more complex. There are so many websites already that yours could go completely unnoticed. If nobody comes to your website, it means nobody checks your boat inventory. Sees the events you’re attending. Learns about your services. The website you paid so much for is useless. That’s not what I call a good investment. One way of going around that is promoting it [...]

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3 Ways Google Will Grow Your Boat Dealership


Search engines like Google can help your business grow. And not only by letting people find you online. Google helps you build trust with customers. It shows your website to your perfect audience. It even contributes to your revenue! Not convinced? Here is how it happens. #1 It takes people to your physical store Search engines have created tools to let businesses manage their online listings. For Google, it's Google My Business. Using this tool means that when a customer makes the search "boat dealers in (your city)" or "boat dealers near me", your business will appear in [...]

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