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Double Your Current Results With Digital Marketing


Maybe you've tried it all and it seems like marketing can't get you more results than it does now. Maybe that’s how the market is and there’s nothing you can do about it. In most cases, that is not true. In most cases, you simply don’t have enough information to be able to improve your results. That’s a problem digital marketing will help you solve. Here is how. Make informed decisions Most businesses still base their decisions on assumptions. While it may work if their guesses are not too far from reality, it will never be as [...]

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The Formula To Learn The Value Of Your Marketing Strategy


You already know how important ROI is to a business. Whenever you invest money into something, it’s because you expect to get more back. However, most boat dealers have no idea what their marketing ROI is. They’re spending their marketing budget without knowing what it brings them back. It's a real problem. It means you could be losing money and you're not even aware of it. It means there could be better opportunities to invest in and you're not seeing them. Here is a simple formula to show you how to calculate your ROI and finally know the value [...]

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Are You Losing Money Like 99% of Boat Dealers?


Do you know how much money you made with your last marketing campaign? Do you even know if it generated any sale at all? If you can’t answer these questions, you are currently losing money, just like 99% of boat dealers. Here is how you can make it right. Base your decisions on ROI ROI is the most important metric for every business. Think about it: how much do you spend in marketing? And how much does it bring you back? That's right, you could even be losing money right now if you can’t answer this question. [...]

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