More and more businesses are on social media. Most of them don’t really know why.

And yes, “because it’s 2019” is not an answer. Starting social media profiles for your company without a real purpose will never have any impact on your bottom line. You’d just be losing your time.

Here are the 3 reasons boat dealers should invest in social media and what you can expect for your dealership when you do it.

social media marketing can help boat dealers turn customers into fans.

Turn customers into fans

Social media platforms were created to bring people together. The reason it worked so well is that people love being part of a group. But groups don’t grow out of nowhere: they are created around a common interest, like a hobby, a celebrity, a product, and sometimes, a company.

Your customers all share a characteristic: they love boats. And not just any boats: the boats you sell.

Be the common denominator between your past and future customers. Grow a fan base that will support you and advocate for you. When a customer becomes a fan, you’re not only a “place to buy boats” anymore. You’re a place that feels like home. A place where they want to come again and bring their friends.

Social media has made it very easy to grow a community. You can engage with your customers daily while they’re at home, in their intimacy. You can connect with them at the emotional level by posting things that make them laugh, hope, cry. You can earn their trust by showing how you work behind the scenes. Most important of all, social media lets you interact with people as if you were just another one of their friends.

And when you cultivate that trust and that emotional value, you turn your customers into your fans for life.

Get free traffic to your website

Social media is a great source of free traffic for your website. As your community grows, more and more people will see your posts. Want more people to visit your website? Just post a link to an article or another page you want to promote and you’ll see a spike in traffic for that page without having paid a single dollar.

Promote your events and offers

Social media is a great place to promote events, offers, content or anything you want. People are on these platforms every day so there’s really no better place to reach them.

You can also run ads targeted towards specific groups of people so you they don’t show to people who don’t care. Advertising platforms have advanced features that give you total control over your budget and the campaigns you run. They also have data analysis tools so you can instantly monitor your results and see your ROI.

As a boat dealer, you should be on social media if you want to improve your brand image and grow a community of fans. It will then become a tool to promote your website, content and events for free and with ads.

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