Maybe you’ve tried it all and it seems like marketing can’t get you more results than it does now. Maybe that’s how the market is and there’s nothing you can do about it.

In most cases, that is not true.

In most cases, you simply don’t have enough information to be able to improve your results.

That’s a problem digital marketing will help you solve. Here is how.


Make informed decisions

Most businesses still base their decisions on assumptions.

While it may work if their guesses are not too far from reality, it will never be as efficient than basing decisions on objective facts. But before you have facts, you need data. Data can help you discover your customers’ behavior, prioritize your actions and focus on improving the customer experience. When you know how people react to your marketing campaigns, you can make better decisions that ensure your business goes in the right direction and you get the best results possible.

Data can be hard to acquire with traditional marketing methods: who knows how many people saw your TV commercial? How many of them visited your website? How many came to your dealership? Online data, on the other hand, is very easy to collect and access. Thanks to cookies and other tracking methods, you are able to see how people reacted to your ads or content, the steps they took on your website, and much more.

decision analytics

Invest in what really works

Analytics programs let you know your ROI on every ad or campaign that you run. You can double down on the channels where people react best. You can optimize your ad creatives and placement based on past performance. You can spend more on what makes you money and immediately stop a campaign that doesn’t work.

You have complete control over your budget and all the necessary information to use it efficiently.

Test and optimize

Another great thing with digital marketing is that you can test a campaign before launching it for real.

For example, you can set up two different versions of an ad and do a small test to see which one people react better to. Or you can change the copy on your website for a few days and change it back immediately if it doesn’t improve your conversion rates.

You can learn which sources of traffic bring you the most customers, understand what problems people run into on your website, and much more. You have access to all the information you need to make great decisions with little risk involved.

google analytics

Where can you find this data?

To start using data to optimize your dealership’s online presence, you need to use an analytics program. Advertising platforms provide free analytics programs to help you analyze your campaigns. For more comprehensive data, you need to link Google Analytics (also free) to your website. It is more complex to use but it collects all the data you need to get the best results you’ve ever had.

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