Want to create or improve your company’s website but don’t know where to start?

It’s okay. You’re a boat dealer, not a web designer.

To help you with that task, here’s a checklist of everything you need to include on your boat dealership’s website.

List your boats

Dedicate a section of your website to the boats you sell. If your list is more than two pages, create filters so people can immediately see what they’re interested in. You can filter your list by brands and sizes for example.

  • Update the list regularly so it always reflects your current inventory

  • Associate each boat to a beautiful, professional picture

  • Add a small description to each boat so visitors can see their characteristics

List your services

list of services

Your dealership provides services to boat owners like maintenance or charter? Create a web page for each of them and use it to describe what you do and how.

  • Concentrate on the benefits for your customers when you describe your services

  • Mention practical details like the contact person for that service if there is one, or any other useful information

Show your store on a map

If a potential customer likes what he sees on your website and decides to make the effort to come to your dealership, you need to make it as easy as possible for him to find you.

  • Insert a map in your contact page and at the bottom of your most important pages

  • Let people see directions from where they are by clicking on the map

Create an events calendar

If you participate in or organize events, they should be listed somewhere on your website. This way, people that are interested in meeting you will show up to these events. It’s a great way to attract new customers.

It’s important that you always keep this section updated. If people notice inaccurate information on your website, they’ll think that it can’t be trusted – and you neither.

Introduce your crew


Introduce yourself and your team in the “about” section of your website. Include a group photo as well as an individual photo for each person with a small text that describes them in a friendly way. It will make you look more relatable and authentic.

Make it easy to contact you

Include a contact form in your website’s footer and on a contact page. Show your phone number, address and opening hours in the same section.

It should always be easy for people to contact you. Nobody is going to spend 10 minutes searching for your contact information or filling 20 fields like “age”, “birthplace” or “name of your grandmother”.

Lead them to the next step

Add buttons in strategic places to lead people to perform a specific action. This action could be to contact you, ask for an estimate for a specific boat, visit your place, share the page on social media, …

News section

Create a blog or news section where you publish company announcements, industry news, and articles that answer the most frequent questions you get from your customers.

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