Boat dealers often refrain from using online ads because they fear it won’t be as effective as traditional ads. In reality, it is just the opposite.

Here are 4 of the advantages you’ll get when you start running online ads.

Online ads are interactive

A printed ad in the newspaper or in the street can be seen by people. But nothing more. Online ads are interactive, which means you can directly engage the viewers by taking them to a website, asking them to fill a form or answer a question, …

They can also react directly to your ad with emojis that show their feelings about it. No matter how they do it, as soon as they start investing a bit of their time to interact with your ad, you know you’re close to getting a new customer.

online ads are interactive

Your online ads will only show to boat buyers

When you pay for a traditional ad, you know it will also show to people that are not in your target audience. That’s because you can’t target the people that will see your ad except for choosing the placement as best as you can.

Online ads let you target people individually. You can target a specific audience based on certain criteria (demographics, preferences, etc.). Or you can target specific people based on their email address and their visits on your website.

Your ads will only show to the people that are real potential customers. Which means you’ll have a much bigger value for your money.

targeted mobile ads

Spend $1, Get $2+ back

Never again spend a single dollar without knowing how much it brought you back. Sounds impossible? It is with traditional ads.

With online ads, it’s a whole different world. Thanks to all the data online platforms collect, you can measure your ROI very precisely.

You’re also in control of your budget at all times. An ad doesn’t bring you the desired results? You can stop it right there and then and stop losing your money for nothing. An ad performs exceptionally well? You can allocate more of your budget to it.

In short, online ads let you measure and optimize your ROI so you always get the best results for your money.

return on investment from online ads

People don’t trust traditional ads

Some traditional ads are honest and fair. Most of them aren’t.

Companies have used ads to deceive consumers and lure them into giving their money. People have grown sick of their false promises. They’ve come to distrust the one-way communication coming from companies.

Digital ads are different. People trust their peers and the comments they leave below the ad. They also know they can check the company’s reviews in seconds if they want to.

They still won’t trust your company immediately. But now they have access to previous customers’ feedback to see if you really back your claims.

And once they know you’re honest, they’ll trust you on blind faith.

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