Attracting visitors to your stand during a boat show is very important for the day’s success. Boat shows can bring a lot of revenue to your dealership so the more people come to see you, the better.

But how do you do that without spending all your money in expensive advertisements?

Here are the 4 key things you should be doing to have more people coming to see you at your next boat shows.

social media : facebook

#1: Run ads on social media

Tell your followers that you’ll be attending the boat show by creating a post on social media. If you also want to reach people that aren’t part of your followers, transform that post into an ad. Target it towards boating enthusiasts who live in the area where the boat show is taking place.

If you really want to reach a large number of people, you can also try running a sharing contest: ask people to share your post and tag their friends on it if they want to have a chance to win a special prize. You can offer them a free entrance to the boat show or a free ride on one of your boats for example.

email newsletter

#2: Inform people via your newsletter

The people who already signed up to your newsletter manifested their interest towards your dealership. They’ll be happy to know they have the opportunity to meet you at a boat show. Make it the main topic of your newsletter one month before the show takes place, then include it as a minor topic during the following weeks.

#3: Create a banner on your website

The people coming to your website are already looking for a boat, so they’re likely to be interested in coming to see you at a boat show as well. Create a banner at the top of your website with the dates and the place of the boat show, and a link to buy tickets.

website banner

#4: Change your email signature

Temporarily change your email signature and replace it by a small version of the banner you put on your website. Make sure the dates and name of the boat show are visible. This simple thing will inform every person you communicate with of your boat show attendance.

If you do all of this, you’ll reach a huge amount of people in no time while spending only a small amount of money.

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