You’ve probably heard that “digital marketing is what your business needs in 2019”. It has indeed helped many companies of all sizes in their journey of growth.

But as a boat dealer, you may wonder if that’s applicable to you. Your business has nothing to do with the digital world, so how could it be helpful?

The truth is: if you put the effort into it, your biggest source of growth next year will come from the Internet.

Here’s why.

Stop chasing new customers. They’re already looking for you.

Growing a business year after year means constantly finding new customers.

It’s not easy.

You have to go after them. Be at the boat shows they attend. In the newspaper they read.

With no guaranteed results.

At least, that’s how it was before the Internet.

Today, the roles are reversed.

Boat buyers are looking for you.

Just look at what they’re searching for online:

Google SERP for boat dealer

They are calling you already. You just need to show up.

A bit of Search Engine Management is all you need to be right there when customers need you.

Stop desperately chasing new customers.

Show up when they’re looking for information. When they’re comparing choices. When they’re ready to buy.

Make it easy to find you.

Convince without a sales pitch

There is one main reason why people leave your store before buying. This reason is risk.

When the risk of being unsatisfied is too high, consumers don’t take out their wallet.

This perception of risk stems from unanswered questions.

Questions about whether you can be trusted.

Questions about their own ability to manage a boat.

Questions about whether that specific boat will be worth their money

It’s hard to lower a high perception of risk in a client once they are already in your store. You can reduce it a little. But it won’t be enough.

These questions need to be answered before people enter your dealership.

Thanks to the Internet, that’s now possible.

Can they trust you? According to the 5-star reviews on Google and the dozens of satisfied comments on your Facebook page, there’s no risk on this end.

Will they be able to manage the boat? All your online tutorials and resources for first-time buyers are there to help them in their journey. And if they ever have a problem, you’ll be there to help!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed. It all happens behind your back.

Without you making a single sales pitch.

That’s good news for your sales. Now they can focus on the most important part of their job: leading each owner to a boat they will love.

Not trying to convince them they were right to come to you in the first place.

Turn lost opportunities into loyal customers

When someone enters your dealership, talks with a salesman, looks around and then says, “Thank you, I’ll think about it”…

We all know what it means.

You’ll never see him again.

That’s the same with your website. If someone comes, browses a few pages, then leaves without taking action, don’t expect them to come back.

You can change that.

The only thing you need is an email address.

Gmail logo

Then, you can send your prospect tailored content that you know he will like. Follow up with an offer he can’t resist. Show him targeted ads that will remind him of your offer every time he’s on the Internet.

You can’t recover all your lost opportunities. Some people just aren’t interested enough. But a part of the customers you lost just needed a little more to be convinced.

Those are the ones you will bring back.

From push to pull: a better way to do marketing

To close this article, I would like to highlight how the Internet has changed the way brands and consumers interact.
Before the Internet, the only way for businesses to attract clients was to shout so loud that people couldn’t ignore them.

street full of ads

By exaggerating their claims and interrupting people without their consent, they’ve lost consumer’s trust and attention.

The Internet has changed that.

On the Internet, you can show your authenticity, humanity, and willingness to help. You can start discussions, give and receive opinions, provide value and engage consumers actively. You’re not a threat to their wallet. You’re a friend.

People that consume your online content do it willingly instead of it being forced upon them. And that’s what makes all the difference.

You can finally stop interrupting their conversation and be their conversation.

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