Everyone is talking about digital marketing. No one is telling you if that’s really what your business needs.

Not every boat dealership will benefit from a digital strategy. For some, it’s not worth it. But there are 3 types of boat dealers who should and must absolutely engage in digital marketing. Dealers who will see tremendous growth once they start implementing it.

For these dealers, not doing it means missing out on revenue. On opportunities for growth. On opportunities for their future.

Read on to discover if you’re one of them.

1.The Trendsetters

The Trendsetters are boat dealers who are open to innovative ideas and are ready to try new things to make their business thrive. They’re okay with change as long as it leads them in the right direction.

They’re often the firsts to adopt new business and marketing methods and are then followed by other dealers who try to replicate their success.

If you’re a trendsetter, here’s why you’ll love digital marketing.

Test and adjust strategies easily

Digital marketing is based on testing and adapting your actions based on data. It lets you track your results and see what works and what doesn’t.

It also comes with hundreds of possibilities. There are so many things you can try and if one idea doesn’t work, ten others are waiting for you.

Tap into new opportunities

Digital marketing will give you new opportunities you would never have had without it. You can attract boat buyers who search for a boat online instead of offline, invite your website visitors to take action and buy in your store, reach audiences you would never have had access to, and more.

2. The Providers

Providers are boat dealers who are concerned about the future of their business and do everything they can to secure it. Most family-owned businesses fall into this category as their owners want the business to grow and live through the generations.

If you’re a Provider, you absolutely need digital marketing. It is, in fact, the only way your dealership can survive during the next decades.

Here’s how digital marketing will help Providers.

Attract customers easily

You won’t have to worry about finding your next customers. Digital marketing lets you implement everything you need to attract them automatically. I’m talking about email automation, ads and retargeting, marketing funnels, and other technical stuff that will automize the way you get customers so you don’t even have to think about it.

You can then focus on improving your business (the services you provide, the products you sell, the experience you give to customers, or any area of importance for your business). You’ll also get insights on what people value the most and do that first.

You’ll have everything in place and when the bad times come, you’ll be ready to face anything.

Beat your competition

Very few boat dealers are using digital marketing at the moment. It has been one of the last industries to adopt it. Being first will give you a huge competitive advantage.

Because if you beat your competition now, you’ll be more resilient when the next economic crisis strikes. You’ll stay up when others fall.

digital marketing help grow your boat dealership

3. The Scalers

Scalers are boat dealers who live for growth and want their business to sell more and more volume and expand in several locations. They are ready to make the necessary investment to grow into a national boat dealership and have the budget to make it happen.

Scalers are going to need digital marketing if they want to reach their goals. They will also reach them faster and save money along the way.

Here’s what Scalers will achieve with digital marketing.

Compete against the “Big Ones”

In the real world, you can’t compete with big, national brands. They have a larger budget or a better location and there’s nothing you can do about that.

Online, the rules change. Money is not the only way to success. Search engine optimization, content marketing and email funnels are all free ways to reach and interact with your audience. If you’re better at it than the “big ones”, they won’t be able to beat you. Even with all the money in the world.

Scale faster

Digital marketing will allow you to scale your business faster and introduce your company to new locations even before you set foot there.

When you run traditional ads, you can only reach a limited amount of people. If your ad is in the local newspaper, for example, you’ll only reach the local community. And when you open a store in a new city, nobody knows you and you have to start everything from scratch.

When you’re marketing online, you can reach anyone on the planet without any added cost. You can grow an online community and reinforce your brand. And when you start a branch in another city, you are already known and loved by the local boating community.

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