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Paid Advertising for Marine Businesses

Paid advertising is when you pay for advertising space online. This space can be a top or side banner on a website, a spot on a search engine or a place in a social media feed. The price for that space is often determined based on an auction system: you place a bid (consisting of your ad creative, placement and budget) that will be in competition will all the other advertisers’ bids. The best ads will be shown more often and have better spots than the others.

Paid advertising is generally billed “per action”. With the Pay Per Click model, for example, you pay a fixed amount of money when someone clicks on your ad. Some billing models make you pay when people view your ad or perform a specific action.

How to Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is useful for reaching these types of goals:

  • Increase visibility quickly
  • Promote a timely offer or events
  • Position your website in search engines while you’re working on your SEO
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Retarget website visitors

How Can Paid Advertising Help Marine Businesses?

Paid advertising channels let you target your audience precisely. This means that only people in your specific audience will see the ad. And, if you choose the pay-per-click model, you will only pay for people in your audience who click on your ad. As you can imagine, online paid advertising has a bigger ROI than traditional paid advertising.

Paid Advertising Activities for Marine Businesses

Here are the activities usually perform during a typical paid advertising campaign:

Campaign setup Campaign management Campaign review
Deciding the campaign’s goals and KPIs Monitoring the ad’s performance Analyzing the ad’s performance over time
Choosing the ad placement and budget Monitoring reaction to the ad (applies to social media ads) Drawing conclusions to improve future campaign
Designing the ad creative and copy Adjusting the ad’s budget Measuring the ad’s ROI and impact on revenue

Paid Advertising for Marine Businesses FAQs

Like for any digital marketing channel, we cannot guarantee results. This is because your results will vary depending on your specific market segment and business conditions.
With a typical paid advertising campaign, you can expect to see results within the first week.
About half of search engine traffic goes to the first three paid advertising positions. Also, website visitors that are retargeted with ads are 70% more likely to convert.

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