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Email Marketing for Marine Businesses

Email marketing is the practice of sending emails to prospects and customers.

Once you get someone’s email, that person will stay in your database forever unless they unsubscribe. This means that you’ll be able to advertise to this person for free in the future.

How to Use Email Marketing

Emails can have several goals:

  • Generate sales by sending promotions or deals
  • Sustain a relationship with customers
  • Earn a prospect’s trust and support him in his buying journey
  • And more.

Having someone’s email also allows you to track them better online and retarget them with online ads.

Nowadays, email marketing is often automated to save time and improve performance. Automation allows to customize emails for several segments of customers and manage huge email bases easily.

How Does Email Marketing Help Marine Businesses?

Marine businesses can benefit from email marketing by using it to attract more people to their events and shows, promote offers for free and build trust with their customers.

Note that email marketing is a permission-based marketing method. This means that people need to agree to give you their email before you can use it for marketing purposes. It may sound like a bad news (you have to work to lead someone to give you their email), but it’s not : when people willingly agree to receive your marketing emails, it means they are already one step closer to becoming customers. It also leads to better email conversion rates.

Email Marketing Activities for Marine Businesses

As a marine business, there are several ways you can use email marketing to grow.

Here are some of them:

Email Personalization Email Creation Email Automation
Create personas (the typical profile for a segment of customers) Plan an email series that will help your marketing strategy Create a sequence of emails for when someone enters your list
Segment the email database based on the personas Create the content for the series and set up the email templates Automate the segmentation of your email list by creating several landing pages for different customer profiles
Create different email templates based on each persona Program the diffusion of the series and automate it Customize your emails automatically

Email Marketing for Marine Businesses FAQs

Like for any digital marketing channel, we cannot guarantee results. This is because your results will vary depending on your specific market segment and business conditions.
With a typical email marketing campaign, you can expect to see results within the first 3 months.
Email marketing is permission-based, which means the recipient has agreed to receiving the emails. Spam happens when a person receives an email that he has not requested. We never engage in spam as it is both harmful for the brand and counterproductive.
Email marketing has an average ROI of 28.5%, compared to only 7% for direct mail. This marketing channel is not only free to use, it’s also extremely profitable: the average return for every $1 spent is… $44!

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