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Content Marketing for Marine Businesses

Content marketing is the process of producing and publishing content that will bring value to your audience and lead them to make a profitable action.

How to Use Content Marketing

Content marketing can serve several purposes:

  • Providing value to earn consumer’s trust
  • Educate people and position your brand as a leader in the industry
  • Guiding prospects through every part of the buying journey
  • Reducing people’s fears about your product or service and increasing their perceived need for what you offer
  • Bringing visitors to your website regularly

Content marketing will also help your website rank better in search engines and help you grow a social media followers base.

How Can Content Marketing Help Marine Businesses?

Content marketing is particularly helpful for marine businesses because they often involve technical aspects that aren’t well understood by their audience. Content is the perfect way to educate customers to how your product can be used and why they need it. Doing that will position the company as a trustworthy, knowledgeable authority and lower the prospect’s uncertainties about the product.

Content Marketing Activities for Marine Businesses

There are lots of ways to implement a content marketing strategy.

Here are the main tasks involved:

Strategy Definition Content Creation Content Promotion
Definition of your personas (typical profiles for your customer segments) Writing articles Publishing content on social media
Content calendar preparation Filming videos Publishing content on the blog or website
Content goals and objectives definition Creating infographics, case studies, … Promoting content with ads and SEO

Content Marketing for Marine Businesses FAQs

Like for any digital marketing channel, we cannot guarantee results. This is because your results will vary depending on your specific market segment and business conditions.
With a typical content marketing campaign, you can expect to see results within the first 6 months.
You can. But content marketing is more of a long-term effort, so if you do that, you can also expect your results to plummet quickly when you stop investing in it. A piece of content that is the best on the subject at a certain point in time can quickly become obsolete if a competitor produces something better.
People are overwhelmed with communications from companies. If you’re content isn’t of outstanding quality, it will go unnoticed by your audience. Also, 61% of Americans made a purchase after reading a recommendation from a blog.

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